Magical Dice Close Up Magic Trick – Buy Online at Amazon

Magical Dice Close Up Magic Trick - Buy Online at Amazon
Magical Dice Close Up Magic Trick – Buy Online at Amazon

Buy Magical Dice Online at Amazon

Magical Dice is a very cool and awesome close up magic gimmick. If you are really interested in magic and want to perform a magic trick in front of your family and friends to impress them, magic dice is here to help you.

There is no technical or special knowledge is required. You can do the magic just after buying it. The only thing you have to work on is a good and concise presentation.

A few days back, I have posted, floating match on a card which is also very interesting and easy magic trick. You should try that also.

Magic Effect

The magician shows a black colored dice and put it into a small transparent bottle. He shakes the bottle and dice magically changes into many multicolored beads or tiny dices. The magic effect is very cool and shocking but here is a small secret behind this best magic illusion.

Magic Trick Secret

The lid of the transparent box has a magnet inside it. The black dice is shell dice which get stuck to the magnet. You may have received beads or tiny cubes, the magic effect with both is same.


Keep the black dice upside down and carefully fill all the beads in it. Now, insert the black dice carefully inside the transparent small bottle with beads touching the bottom of the bottle. Now straighten the bottle. Only the black dice will be seen. Now put the lid on the bottle. Now you are ready to perform.

How to do magic?

Hold the transparent bottle with the lid straight in your right hand and show the black cube to the audience and say some magic words like “Abra Ka Dabra” and just give a sharp vertical jerk to the bottle.

You can shake the bottle with up and down motion so that the black cube will immediately be stuck to the magnet inside the lid. All the beads or tiny cubes will fall inside the bottle.

If possible, open the lid and pour all the beads or tiny cubes on your hand so that while the audience is watching the cubes, you can secretly steal the black cube or shell. Now put the empty lid on the table.

You can also choose rice or other small things instead of beads or tiny cubes. You can put a small ball for changing a cube into a ball magic effect.

Where to buy Magical Dice close up magic gimmick?

Today, buying magic props is very easy. You can buy this magical dice from Amazon. Click on below ‘buy now’ button to purchase it right now:

Magical Dice Close Up Magic Trick - Buy Online at Amazon

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