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Magic with Pen – Best Magic Trick Revealed

Hello guys, in this post I will show you a easy magic with pen. It’s called Pen through Dollar Bill trick. This magnetic pen gimmick is one of the best and easy magic tricks for kids and adults both.

Anybody can perform a magic trick like a magician very easily by using this magnetic pen gimmick. This magnetic pen gimmick looks like a normal ball pen, but it can do wonder for you in front of your friends and family.

This is a really amazing Close Up Magic. This magic pen is like a normal ball pen, and you can use it to write like a normal ball pen.

So guys, if you want to impress your school friends, teachers or your family then you should buy pen through Note Magic Trick from Amazon. You will able to perform this magic with pen immediately just after buying it. You can buy online at Amazon from below button:

Magic with Pen - Best Magic Trick Revealed

Previously, I have posted an article about a magic bag for Disappearing Egg Trick. That magic bag is too good for vanishing eggs, coin vanish and coin production magic and many other magic routines.

You will get this pen magic gimmick with full instructions like how can you amaze your friends with this magic pen? And how can you perform the pen through Dollar Bill Trick?

How to do magic?

Please wait, to teach you this magic trick in a easy way. I’ll embed my YouTube video here, after a few days. Thank you!

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