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Magic Bag for Disappearing Egg Trick Close Up Magic

Magic Bag for Disappearing Egg Trick

The Magic Bag is often used for “disappearing egg trick”, it is one of the best and unique close up magic props. The magician uses it to perform disappearing egg trick, coin vanishing and coin production magic tricks.

The egg vanishing magic trick is very easy to perform with the “magic bag”. The magician shows an empty net bag and places an egg into the bag, it vanishes.

It magically reappears inside the bag when magician blows on that bag. The magicians pull out the egg from the bag and put it in his pocket. It disappears from the pocket and re-appears again in the bag. And the magician repeats the same again and again.

It could be a very entertaining magic routine with good presentation ability and help of a partner. This “magical egg bag” has been used by many famous magicians.

The magical egg Bag is made with a clear net front, allowing the egg to be visible when the magician shows it at the beginning of his magic show. This special bag comes with a fake egg and full instructions.

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How to do Magic?

For a quick demonstration, you should watch below YouTube video. In this video, I showed you, how can you perform the magic trick with the Magic Bag and coins. You can choose anything…

You can also watch this video on YouTube.

So, If you want to perform this magic trick to impress your friends and family then you need to buy this magic prop online from


I hope, you enjoyed above video. The magic effect is really cool and very impressive that will amaze you friends. I have tried this magic trick with my college friends, they are all very surprised. So, the magic bag is a value for money magic prop.

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