Ghost Key Magic Trick Revealed {Magic Tutorial}, Buy Magic Tricks Online


Hello guys, today in this post I am going to reveal a Ghost Key Magic Trick. It’s a magic tutorial that will help you to perform this best magic trick ever. It may be a great magic show for kids and adults both.

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What is Ghost Key?

It’s a best and easy magic show for kids and adults both. If you are a magician or want to do magic like a professional magician then the ghost key is for you. You can easily buy this magic gimmick online at Amazon.

Magic effect

A large key turns over in your hand or spectator’s hand. It’s totally examinable before and after. There are no threads or wires used to perform the magic spell. It’s always ready to perform, no need to practice it.

Secret the magic

The magic secret is in the ghost key. It has been specially manufactured with perfect balance, slightly tilt your hand to turn over the magical key.

How to do magic?

After buying this great magic prop, you will able to do magic like a magician. It’s come with a full instruction sheet that teaches you how to do magic?

Alternatively, you can also watch the video embedded at the end of this post to understand and learn magic effect better.

Magic Spells

You can perform multiple magic spells with this magic gimmick. Mainly, there are thee magic spells described in the instruction sheet:

  • Turn Over the key in your hand
  • Turn over it in spectator’s hand
  • Alternate handling

Guys, if you want to learn, how to do magic with the ghost key then, you should watch our magic tutorial video on YouTube to learn magic effect easily.


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