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Buy Card Magic Gimmick Online

Buy Cigarette Through Card Magic Gimmick Online

Cigarette through card is a one of the most important card gimmicks for a magician. If you purchase this gimmick card then you can easily perform the magic trick.

You can borrow a cigarette from your friends and push it straight through the middle of the Bicycle card. Now, pull the cigarette out of the card and show it to your friends. When your friend will see that there is no hole in the card, they will be shocked.

This is a single gimmick card only. You can use it with a regular bicycle deck. This is an easy magic trick, but because it involves a cigarette, I recommend this card gimmick (if a cigarette is used) for adults only.

However, you can perform this trick with a rolled up dollar bill, a straw, or any other thing that fits in the hole. There are no preparations or practice is required to perform this type of gimmick card magic tricks. You can buy card magic gimmicks from below button:

Cigarette Through Card - Buy Card Magic Gimmick Online

You can hand over the card to the spectator for a complete examination. This magic card is suitable for street magic, table hopping and close up magic. It’s great for children, beginners and professionals. It comes in a red and blue Bicycle cards back design.

How to do magic?

If you want to learn, how to do magic trick with cigarette through magic card? You have to watch below YouTube video. You can also watch below card magic video on YouTube:

Video Credits: Hindi Magic Tricks YouTube Channel

Final Words!

Guys, I hope you understand and like the video and article. This card can be a very useful magic prop for you. You can buy magic gimmick online. If this magic prop is not suitable for you then you can return it easily. Thank you!

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