7 Second Challenge – Buy Puzzles Online at Amazon

7 Second Challenge - Buy Puzzles Online at Amazon
Buy 7 second puzzle Online at Amazon

Buy 7 Second Challenge Puzzle Online at Amazon

7 second challenge is an puzzle challenge for kids and adults both. Challenge your friends, they never win this 7 second puzzle challenge. Guys, you should play puzzle games

This puzzle’s shape looks like a boat and there are two steel balls in it, having a cross wall. There are two puddles on the corners in the boat. These two balls are to be set in them. You have only 7 seconds to do so. Handover the challenge puzzle to your friends and let them try.

They can’t complete the challenge in the given time, you then solve the puzzle in 7 seconds. It comes with complete instructions, on how to win the challenge? This is also a best puzzle toy as gift item.

How to win the challenge?

Set the balls on both sides of the divider at the middle. To solve this puzzle, spin the boat on any kind of surfaces like a table, ground or a book. The puzzle will be solved automatically.

Item’s Technical Details:

  • Material Type(s): Puzzle (Plastic)
  • Color: As per Availability
  • Size: 7cm x 2cm
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Other Items Included: 0
  • Minimum Suggested Age: 5 Years
7 Second Challenge - Buy Puzzles Online at Amazon

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